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After partnering with employees and managers for nearly 20 years as a human resources professional, I understand the need for actionable solutions to workplace issues.  As a consultant, I deliver information, strategies and tools with a focus on practicality and sustainability. 

1:1 Coaching and Advisory Program

Why Corporate Coaching?

So many circumstances can derail your employees.  Personal issues, new responsibilities, workplace setbacks, change initiatives, stress – even your steadfast contributors and high potential employees can have a hard time navigating these situations.  When performance management doesn’t quite seem like a fit, and management training doesn't cover what's needed, coaching and advisory services can offer focused attention, accountability, and skills development these employees need to get back on track.

I could just do that myself, though.  Why would I need to hire someone? 

You are exactly right; you could provide coaching and advice. You could put a structure in place, set goals for those sessions, and help your employee identify the strategies and actions that are needed to achieve those goals.  You could help them develop any missing skills, and coach them through resistance and gaps in confidence.  It takes a standing commitment, consistent effort, and time that not every leader has the flexibility to provide. 


As a trained coach and HR leader, I bring a broad perspective influenced by 20 years of collaboration with employees and leaders in a variety of challenging workplace situations. Since I am a soft skills and leadership trainer my ideas, tools, and approaches will be delivered with a focus not only on what strategies may be best, but also coaching on how to deliver those solutions, focusing on any soft skills gaps or resistance that may be in play.  This customized action planning and skill building is delivered at reasonable cost, without you having to create a coaching structure or expend time you don’t have to achieve the desired result.

You’ve got a point.  So, how does it work?  What’s included?

How it works; You get -

  • 1 30-minute introductory discussion with the manager of the proposed coachee:  this allows us to overview the circumstances that coaching is meant to address.

  • 1 30-minute introductory discussion with the proposed coachee to determine if they are open to coaching and if we are a good fit for one another

  • If all parties are keen to continue, goals are agreed between manager, coachee, and coach. Those goals are incorporated into the Statement of Work.  Payment terms are established.

  • 10 1-hour coaching sessions are conducted:  Coaching sessions are done remotely via phone or video conference on my Zoom account.  Sessions are scheduled according to client need and availability.  During these sessions coaching, advisory, and accountability-oriented discussions take place based on the established goals and the real life circumstances the coachee is experiencing. 

  • Post session notes and action planning:  After each session, notes and the assigned actions will be delivered to the coachee.  Note:  communication to the manager regarding progress can be arranged with agreement of the employee.

  • Coach is accessible by email between sessions if needed.

  • A manager checkpoint discussion and program summary conversation are optional.  If the coachee’s manager wants feedback regarding the coachee’s progress, they have 2 30-minute calls they can use for that purpose.

How long does it typically take to complete the program? 

Once goals are agreed and the contract signed, the program takes an average of 6 months to complete.  However, the program may be shorter or longer depending on the coachee’s needs and the spacing of the sessions.  If needed, additional sessions can be purchased for $250/session.

How much does the program cost?

Let’s check in for a moment with what it would cost you to address the issue yourself.  If you were to add up all the hours you would need to spend addressing this issue -  offering this coaching, advising, and accountability at your hourly rate, what dollar amount would that translate to?  If you were to add up the cost of replacing that person and training a new one, what would that total be? 


Offering development resources for your people is an investment that pays dividends, reassuring your employees that you care about their success and are willing to support them even when they struggle.  It builds loyalty and engagement, and the higher level of performance has a positive influence on other employees.


At this time, this program is priced at $3,000 USD.  Payment arrangements can be made for a single up front payment.  Monthly billing may be possible depending on the company’s payment practices.

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Employee & Management Development - Group Offerings

Management Capability

Managers drive employee performance, engagement, and turnover. Developing their ability to navigate the challenges of managing people is critical to their professional success.  

Lunch & Learn topics include:

  • Delivering Difficult Messages

  • Reinforcing Corporate Values

  • Coaching Underperformers

  • Documenting Performance

  • Creative Employee Development

Personal & Professional Development 

I've created short trainings (1 - 2 Hours) on a variety of topics:

  • Leadership/Management  

  • Soft skills (Communication, Confidence, Decision Making)

  • Work/Life Balance (Stress Management, Mindset)

Require coverage on a specific topic?  I can create and present custom learning materials. Need an extra facilitator to roll-out  compliance or business skills training? I can supplement your training resources to ensure your organization meets its goals.

Employee Relations - Group Offerings

Tackle the Issues Holding Your Organization Back

Is your organization experiencing low engagement scores, an influx of performance issues, or employee relations concerns?

  • Focus group facilitations can identify root cause & action plan for results​

  • Mediation can restore communication and identify solutions to relationship issues that interfere with productivity

  • Coaching can be provided to underperformers and their managers to encourage resolution of existing issues

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