October 6, 2017

I can remember a time when my commute had the power to ruin my day.  There was this one part of my trip when I would wait in traffic in an exit lane for more than a mile, inching forward one car-length at a time.  I would see the people driving past me one lane over, r...

July 9, 2017

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine took me to a cooking class – Knife Skills 101.  This was a very well thought out birthday present… spending quality time with a friend while learning and practicing a skill that will make nutritious eating easier and maybe even fun.  No...

May 12, 2017

Sometimes I post about changes that we want to make for ourselves. It is one thing to make our way through change that we choose.  It is another thing completely to navigate a change over which we had no control.  Those changes demand a different approach. You don’t ge...

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Hi!  I'm Jenn McKay, Leadership & Career Coach and Human Resources Consultant. On this page, I blog & vlog about how to navigate change, keep your mindset healthy, and show up for your life in a way that supports your happiness and satisfaction.

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