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Hi!  I'm Jenn McKay. As an SPHR-certified Human Resources leader, I've partnered with business professionals for more than 20 years.  I've supported companies with revenue ranging from a few million dollars to several billion. Throughout my career, my assignments required me to dig into issues of all sizes:  reorganization, group dynamics, employee relations, performance and change initiatives to name a few.  I even helped an organization prepare for a gender transition. Along the way, I have coached many business professionals through periods of change, and personal and professional growth. I found that to be the most rewarding part of my job.

My career in Human Resources introduced me to the vocation that I love most, helping people embrace the changes necessary for a better life. So many of us know in our hearts that our lives were meant to be different. Happiness - real soul-affirming, dance-in-the-streets joy - seems like nothing short of a fairy tale. Your job, your relationships, the way you feel about yourself - fall painfully short of what you expected for your life.


I've experienced that personally and professionally. I remember thinking,

"Is this really it? When I'm 80 years old and telling stories to my grandchildren, is this the story I want to tell them?"




I deserve better than that.  My family deserves better than that. I deserve for that answer to be Yes - to have stories to tell about risks, adventures, successes and lessons learned. I should be the star of these stories and not a bystander. My children need me to show them how to be the architect of their own lives. They need to be shown that a truly spectacular life can be built with nothing more than the space between your ears.

So, I did the work on myself.  I pulled my life apart, envisioned something better and challenged myself and my partner to create the life we craved - a life with a loving marriage, manageable finances and lower stress levels. It was difficult, but we did it.  We continue to do it. Not once have we regretted the overhaul and we've never been happier.


So, what stories do you want the 80-year-old you to tell? 


I can help you find the path, strength and courage to break through whatever barriers are keeping you from the life you deserve. You can do it and you don't have to do it alone. 

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