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~ Mobilize the Leader Within~

So many of us grew up thinking that leadership is reserved for the handful of people who seem to have been born with those skills.  But, there is so much evidence to the contrary.  People rise to the occasion every day, stretching beyond what they thought was possible to create lives filled with satisfaction and joy. 

This is the truth: 

Every one of us is capable of being a leader

– THE leader – of our own life. 

You can find the courage & confidence

to say the things you need to say.

You can find workable paths to the life you crave.

You can find solutions to problems others have given up on.

You can have the tough conversations,

and you can tell people you care about the truth.

You can manage your stress level

by addressing old thought and behavior patterns.

You can feel confident that you are enough

and you don't have to get wrapped up in a cycle of judgment. 


I can help you do any and all of these things, helping you build the leadership skills you need to successfully navigate your work and your life. In my Everyday Leadership Programs, I help my clients develop​ a foundational leadership mindset, including work on:

  • Confidence

  • Communication

  • Evaluating Risk & Barriers to Success

  • Decision Making

  • Resilience

  • Stress Management

  • Receiving/Interpreting Feedback

  • The Compassion Loop

  • Getting Past Fear

Together, we can build the foundational leadership skills that can lead you to uncharted territory in your personal and professional achievement.   

It's hard work, but it is TOTALLY worth it, and you don't have to do it alone.


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Individual Leadership & Career Coaching

Because life doesn't always play out the way we'd like it to.


But your professional setback, the family issues that are running you ragged, the life changes you crave (for which you lack your loved ones' support) are all stops on the path to the life you deserve. When you’re stuck, a coach can help you determine the route to your best outcome, wade through your reservations and mobilize the leader within to bring needed changes to life.  Don't think you are a leader?  Let me prove you wrong!

Want more for yourself?  Reach out to me so we can explore the idea of coaching together. Change is tough, but you don't have to do it alone.

Structured Programs

Find Your Way to YES!

In almost two decades working in Human Resources, I’ve personally witnessed resistance to change and seen the impact that has on our personal and professional lives.


We’ll touch on the forms of resistance we can experience with both self-directed and imposed change and shine a light on the behaviors that interfere with our progress. We then introduce a fact-finding process that helps participants understand where unnecessary barriers are impacting their decision-making process. This simple, but effective method promotes the true exploration of available options and challenges our natural inclination to take “No” for an answer.

Program can be delivered as a 90 minute Introduction or extended and customized as needed.  For those who want a deeper and more supported experience, ask me about the Group Coaching Program option.

Unlocked/Unloaded Career Change Program (Small Group Coaching)

Are you feeling marginalized, stressed out or under attack at work? Finding that a negative work experience is bleeding into other parts of your life, affecting your marriage, parenting, friendships or overall happiness?


Imagine how it would feel to release the stress, the anger and other negative feelings that are standing in the way of you loving your life. You deserve a fresh start! I can help you put negative work experiences behind you so you can put your best foot forward and find a new position that meets your career and life goals.

Sign up for this eight week small group coaching program to shift your mindset from anger & frustration and develop a vision and strategy for your job search.  Contact me to get on the waiting list!   

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