Tired of Taking NO for an Answer?

Find Your Way to YES!

  • Is a part of your life falling drastically short of what you deserve?

  • Is that dissatisfaction casting a shadow on other areas OR putting a strain on your relationships?

  • Are you frustrated, knowing that you were meant for more?

  • Sick of living by everyone else's rules?

  • Tired of being miserable and ready for something better?

So many times in my life I’ve felt a sense of depression or anxiety because I believed that things I truly wanted for myself were out of reach.  


Every time you ask the question, a voice tells you, ‘No!’  Sometimes that voice comes from a friend, parent, boss or partner.  Sometimes it comes from the judgments of strangers and sometimes that voice comes from inside your own head.


What if you didn’t have to take ‘No!’ for an answer?  

In this group coaching program, I introduce you to a simple 4 Step fact-finding process that will help you dig into all the "No’s" standing between you and what you want.  By challenging our "No's" we can uncover our path and move forward.  This method is great for developing a sense of resilience, determination and grit and for changing the way you make life decisions.


It changed my life and it can change yours! 




Need more information?  Don't just take my word for it. 

Meet Amanda, my very first Find Your Way to YES client!

"When I first met Jenn I felt truly lost. I had left a job where I was a key employee because I was looking for a better commute and work/life balance. I took a step down in title with the promise of a promotion after 6 months. I received none of the things I was promised. I quickly was running a department but getting none of the recognition and definitely not the pay! I truly hated going to work. I've always been someone who dedicated myself to my career above most other things. Now I felt myself giving everything I had, sacrificing my happiness and family time just to feel taken advantage of and unappreciated. I was miserable to be around, snapping at my family and avoiding spending time with friends. My stress was off the charts and I started suffering from undiagnosable medical conditions. I was pretty much a wreck.

I write this, now a Director overseeing Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Operations, working a completely flexible schedule, reporting directly to the CEO and President and making more money than I was at the job I left. I received the offer for my current job three days after I turned in my resignation.


Jenn's support was invaluable to me during such a difficult time. It was through her support and coaching that I was able to recognize what changes needed to be made, identify how to make them and then follow through to get the results I had been looking for for over a year. I can honestly say my life has been changed through our relationship and I'm extremely grateful to her."

Jenn asked me to try Find Your Way to YES! and I can truly say that it changed my life. I had been contemplating quitting my job without having another one. This was absolute insanity to me. I do not come from a wealthy family and have always struggled with feelings of lack. I put my career and making money WAY ahead of most other things. So, when I took the program I asked the question, "Why can't I quit my job?"  When I was finished working through the program steps, I knew my answer. I went to my husband and was able to openly discuss all that I had been facing.  Ultimately we decided I should quit my job.

So, How Does It Work?

The Find Your Way to YES! program has come a long way since Amanda's demo.  The program has evolved into a small group virtual coaching experience which runs for approximately 8 weeks and includes:


  • 4 – 60 minute group coaching sessions, which will include planned content and sharing time for each participant

  • 4 – 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions for a deeper dive into the process

  • Re-usable PDF Workbook to guide you through the program steps

  • A private Facebook group for support between sessions

  • Just-in-time support tools, tailored to your experience (recorded meditation & visualization exercises as well as affirmations & journaling prompts)

Video calls will take place every other week for two months on Zoom, recurring on a specified day & time.  

Private 1:1 sessions will take place using video or phone at an agreed day & time. The targeted group size will be 4 - 6 participants.  Currently accepting applications for my waiting list. 

How Much Does It Cost to Change My Life?

In celebration of this revised format for the Find Your Way to YES! content, I am offering a promotional rate.  I’ve packed this program with so much value –

  • 4 hours of live group coaching time (valued at $500)

  • 2 hours of individual (private) coaching (valued at $280)

  • A re-usable workbook that will help you find the path to your desires, change your approach to decision-making, and see the vast number of possibilities you have before you (valued at $50)

  • 2 months of Facebook group support (priceless)

  • Customized recorded content to support you on your journey (valued up to $200).  


This program is valued at approximately $1,000, but for this launch you can enroll for $497- a 50% discount.  

Pay in full or in two monthly payments of $223.50 (after a modest administrative fee), payable through Paypal.


Ready to open the door to your future?  Admission is contingent on your accepted application.

How Do I Know If It's Right For Me?

I want all of my clients to make awesome progress and feel great about participating in my programs. That said, I understand that this program may not be for everyone. In order to make sure you are a good match for what I have planned, I have several screening steps to ensure clarity on the expectations so you can be comfortable participating in the program.  These include:

  • Application process to ensure I understand what you're looking to gain from participating

  • Group Coaching Contract to ensure we are clear on the expectations

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - If, after your first group session, your first 1:1 coaching session and the first workbook exercise, you feel this program is not for you, I will refund any paid tuition (excluding the administrative fee)

If you feel drawn to this program and want an opportunity to find the path to what you desire most, click this button to get your application.  Registration is first come first served and spots are limited.  Get the process started NOW!

About Me

Hi!  I'm Jenn McKay. As an SPHR-certified Human Resources Leader, I've partnered with business professionals for almost 20 years.  My career in Human Resources introduced me to the vocation that I love most, helping people embrace the changes necessary for a better life. So many of us know in our hearts that our lives were meant to be different. Happiness - real soul-affirming, dance-in-the-streets joy - seems like nothing short of a fairy tale. Your job, your relationships, the way you feel about yourself - fall painfully short of what you expected for your life.

I've experienced that personally and professionally. I remember thinking,

"Is this really it? When I'm 80 years old and telling stories to my grandchildren, is this the story I want to tell them?"


I deserve better than that.  My family deserves better than that. I deserve for that answer to be Yes - to have stories to tell about risks, adventures, successes and lessons learned. I should be the star of these stories and not a bystander. My children need me to show them how to be the architect of their own lives. They need to be shown that a truly spectacular life can be built with nothing more than the space between your ears.

So, I did the work on myself.  I pulled my life apart, envisioned something better and challenged myself and my partner to create the life we craved - a life with a loving marriage, manageable finances and lower stress levels. It was difficult, but we did it.  We continue to do it. Not once have we regretted the overhaul and we've never been happier.


So, what stories do you want the 80-year-old you to tell? 


I can help you find the path, strength and courage to break through whatever barriers are keeping you from the life you deserve. You can do it and you don't have to do it alone.