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Want to get a better idea of my approach?

So, you know how I became a coach.  And if you've spoken to me or seen videos of mine, you may have a sense for my style.  I'm an introvert with extensive corporate experience. I'm a bit on the intellectual side, and I can be a little snarky/sarcastic/corny at times (what can I say, I'm from 'Jersey).  As a coach, I can flex between practical and emotional, and I will always come back to believing in you.  I see the potential in my clients.  I see their passion and their strength.  I believe we all deserve happiness and that we all have purpose, even when we lack clarity.  So I view my job as being with you in your hard moments, and helping you

implement the tools and strategies that will guide you through the discomfort to a place of confidence, so that you can be the best possible version of you - the version that achieves personal and professional success and feels great in the process! 

You can get a taste of what I'm like by checking out my Perspectives Panel videos here:

Tough Day? Meditate with ME!

Sometimes your week gets the best of you. Meditation can help you manage your stress so you can keep things in perspective. 


Try this short "Hard Day" meditation if you need a quick reset. 

Hard Day Meditation - Jenn McKay
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The Healing Power of Gratitude

Web Series:  Seven Days/ Seven Ways We Sabotage Our Success & Happiness

Day 1: Taking No For An Answer

Day 3: Silencing Our Own Voice

Day 5: Anytime but Now

Day 2: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Day 4: Letting Fear Run the Show

Day 6: Not Accepting the Truth

Day 7: Not Believing in Yourself