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I believe we all deserve to live a life that feels satisfying, both personally and professionally.  I believe that most things in life are actually possible, and that more often than not we convince ourselves that the life we want is out of reach.  And so, we end up surrendering because we don’t believe we have what it takes to pull our desired life into reality.


The truth is - we all have natural capabilities and gifts that can help us move toward that desired life, and most of the skills that we don’t naturally have we can learn, if we are willing.  We can develop courage, communication skills, decision-making skills, and shift our mindset to live our lives WITH purpose and ON purpose. 

That is my starting point with my individual coaching clients.  I see their potential.  I see their passion, their strengths, and their gifts.  I also see where their mindset or belief system is separating them from the life they want.  Together we work to shift the mindset, build the needed skills, and develop a plan to move in a more satisfying direction. We move through the hard moments, confusion, and discouragement together, and then implement the tools and strategies that will guide them to a place of confidence and satisfaction. 


You can get a taste of what I'm like by checking out my Perspectives Panel videos here:

Tough Day? Meditate with ME!

Sometimes your week gets the best of you. Meditation can help you manage your stress so you can keep things in perspective. 


Try this short "Hard Day" meditation if you need a quick reset. 

Hard Day Meditation - Jenn McKay
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