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What is it Like to Work With Me?

Jenn is a one-of-a kind coach. She has a fiercely-kind heart and a special talent for seeing people for their highest potential. I’ve entered into sessions with Jenn feeling unsure and messy, and she guides me into a space of confidence and strength. Jenn is deeply committed to her clients' growth and expansion! When you’re in her presence, you feel held and cared for.

~ Mary Margaret Flaming  (2017)

Jenn's support was invaluable to me during such a difficult time. It was through her support and coaching that I was able to recognize what changes needed to be made, identify how to make them and then follow through to get the results I had been looking for for over a year. I can honestly say my life has been changed through our relationship and I'm extremely grateful to her.

~ Amanda Peeler  (2017) 

When Jenn is in your corner she brings compassion, devotion, accountability and vulnerability that will support you in becoming the greatest and best version of yourself. She is a master coach and her skills will help you to bust through fear, limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you stuck and small. When I think of fierce freedom, I think of Jenn. My advice is if you are on the edge of making big and risky moves in your life, hire Jenn as your coach. She has been there. She knows what it takes to deepen love in your relationships to support bold moves toward your dreams. Investing in Jenn as your coach now would be a smart choice because my bet is she's going to be full. She is bound to grow and expand rapidly, that's what she does and that is what she will inspire you to do, too.

~ Jeannine Yoder, Founder of Mentor Masterclass (2017)

My sessions with Jenn McKay have been insightful and motivating, mostly because Jenn is insightful and motivating. I sought her guidance on a couple of issues, and soon found that she hears more than what's being said and has the knack of cutting to the core of the matter. Thanks to Jenn, I created a workable timeline for completing a book project I'd been struggling with and have regained my excitement for it in the process. I can't recommend her enough!

~ Katrina Snow  (2017)

What I love about Jenn as a woman is what makes her absolutely brilliant as a coach. She is a true listener in every sense of the word. She allows you to feel heard, understood, she is empathetic, and is immensely respectful and honest as she has led me through our coaching calls. She is a sister and friend, the kind who doesn't beat around the bush, and when needed she definitely offers exactly what you need to hear. Yet through her powerful coaching style she has held space for me with such gentleness and feminine grace, allowing me to open up to my own heart and truth. I'm forever grateful of the coaching and connection I have received from Coach Jenn.

~ Hadley Corpus  (2017)

Coach Jenn McKay is insightful, supportive, thorough, refreshingly honest, and uncommonly helpful. Whether your obstacle is practical or mental, she brings a wealth of tools and a professional and comprehensive approach to help you find your solution and make the necessary shift.

~ Melissa Becce  (2017) 

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